The City of Pekin would like to invite you to participate in the 2018 Pekin Bathtub Races! We all know what it feels like to drive down Court Street on a warm summer day, but racing in a bathtub? Now that is a first! The Pekin Bathtub Races will be held on Friday, August 17th in Downtown Pekin on the 400 block of Court Street. This is a perfect team building activity and a fantastic way to promote and advertise your business all while having fun! Your team will turn an ordinary bathtub (or something that can hold water) into a drivable piece of creative art! We highly encourage you to build a bathtub with your team but if you are not the handiest – we have you covered. Pre-constructed bathtubs will be available on a limited, first come, first serve basis. This exiting battle will start at 4:30 PM and will continue until we have our reigning CHAMPION. Will you be the one to win the coveted Golden Ducky?

Interested, but have questions? I would be more than happy to answer them. Or you can download an application below.

2018 City of Pekin Bathtub Race Application

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